Why BCA?

Here at Birmingham Cyber Arms we are a nimble, entrepreneurial company dedicated to actively partnering with our clients to manufacture highly customized Offensive Security and Threat Intelligence Hardware, and developing made-to-order cyber intelligence solutions to those responsible for overseeing ongoing threat management and institutional security at their organizations.

Peace of Mind

Rest easy knowing our company is legitimately established. BCA is officially registered with the Companies House of the United Kingdom, fully compliant with all accompanying regulations and requirements.

Experience & Distinction

The BCA team is comprised of industry experts, with years of experience working in a variety of security enterprises. Our services and products have been exhibited in more than 20 international conferences, including renowned gatherings such as DEFCON and EC-Council Hacker Halted.


Our offensive security hardware is uniquely designed to meet the specific needs of our clients, mirroring their existing technology, and equipped with bespoke software thoughtfully fabricated in consultation with the client to meet their particular objectives.


We start from, “impossible.” Security threats are ever-evolving, and we understand that means working with clients to predict the next iteration of cyber risk. With BCA, we’ll turn your worst fears into your strongest defenses.



Find more information about our line of products here in our virtual catalog. Each item seen below can be adapted to specific hardware brands and models upon request.